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James Murray Trial Lawyers

Trained in American Trial Methods

The firm’s Senior Partner, James Murray, is one of the very few Merseyside lawyers who has taken the further professional step to gain to gain a Master of Laws. This LLM is was in litigation – how to prepare a winning court case. This means that clients can be certain that the head of this law firm has a firm background in what we do best, building convincing court cases.

Jim’s post-graduate award involved training in the NITA approach to cogent trial methodology, used by the world’s greatest persuaders – American trial lawyers. In fact, part of Jim’s for his training for his Masters was in Jacksonville, Florida, where he  presented cases before top American Appeal Court Judges.

NITA, the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, is the USA trial lawyer college.  It is at the forefront of modern techniques of case preparation and court presentation. Its leading edge approach involves analysing every case, the simplest to the most complex in the same way, constructing both a persuasive Case Theory and a Case Theme. If you are interested, these are discussed below but….

…basically, it works.

This structured approach to cases is great for you as a client, as the whole firm of James Murray Solicitors benefits from Jim’s training in NITA litigation methods.  If you have pleaded Not Guilty in the Criminal Courts, are suing someone in the Civil Courts, or are arguing in the Family Courts, you want your lawyer to have at their fingertips leading edge persuasion.

Starting with the ‘end-game’

NITA trained lawyers put themselves at the end of the case – constructing the final speech – in order properly to look back over the case,  and preparing it from the start to lead up to that point.  NITA teach that the most persuasive lawyers are those who use this technique in clarifying the crucial points they need to prove the case, and then gather the evidence to support those points.

Thus, the whole preparation of our client’s cases is geared to identifying,what needs to be done, and knowing why it is necessary. and then ensuring it is done.  Regretfully, lawyers sometimes spend huge efforts mining a case, while losing sight of the simple and persuasive arguments behind the mountains of detail.

All the time, of course, with the legal clock ticking and the costs mounting up…


Put simply, a “Case Theory” is the few sentences that summarise the whole of the client’s case sufficient to answer the simple question

“Our Client looks to win by proving….”

Seems simple, but so many present-day UK lawyers are not trained succinctly to finish that sentence. It is found by separating the indisputable evidence into ‘bad facts’ and ‘good facts’ – those that help the other side and those that help our case.

In this case fact analysis, it is essential that the bad facts are not ignored but have each have a clear explanation prepared so that any concerns the court may have are dealt with. You may see now why it is so important to begin at the end of the case…

Just as important is to have the good facts collected, to be supported and presented in the most winning manner.

The Case Theme is the emotional part of the client’s case. This is essential as it leads the “decision makers”  – the magistrates, judges, juries etc – to recognise the justice of the client’s case, a point so often ignored by litigators.

So, there you have it. Put simply, our lawyers are not like a medical GPs, a sort of legal all-rounder, they are trained specialists.