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Police complaints – You need powerful lawyers…

British police are renowned around the world, but they are not perfect..

And when they  get it wrong, it is near impossible to prove an allegation against them.

We all remember the G20 Ian Tomlinson death after an assault by a police officer – completely innocent man going about his business with his hands in his pockets.
Remember the Jean Charles de Menezes killing by  officers – again, completely innocent and shot in negligent error.

Remember the lies told afterwards to ‘explain’ the killings?

And what happened to the officers responsible?

What happened was that nothing happened….

There are 10 to 20 deaths or more every year while people are in police custody.
With an ordinary prima facie murder, the accused involved in the killing is interviewed and charged straightaway and the courts are given the job of deciding guilt.

And the families of the above police deaths see as a unexplained delays, sometimes for years, in even discovering the facts of the death of their loved one,

Since 2004 the body dealing is the IPCC – the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
It was formed because of widespread dissatisfaction that police forces were investigating complaints against their own police officers.
People were horrified to find that the investigating officers were colleagues of the very officer accused - not even  from a different force.

So, how well now does the IPCC police the police?

It is just a sop.

Every year there are some 30,000 complaints are made against the police.
How may does the IPCC investigate?

Less than a hundred of them!

The rest are being still being investigated by the police officer’s own police force…

Many people, even some of the IPCC’s own commissioners, are unhappy with the effectiveness of the IPCC.

As a police officer once said, don’t bother using the Law against the police – WE are  the Law…

Jim Murray