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Criminal Law

Experience, bespoke expertise, unrivalled contacts and dedicated professionalism allow James Murray Criminal Solicitors based in Liverpool City Centre to give you outstandingly effective counsel.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, James Murray Solicitors understand that it can be a stressful and worrying experience. Put yourself in safe hands – our experienced criminal solicitors based in Liverpool City Centre are experts at defending human rights, from the Magistrates Court to the Court of Appeal.

Every Case Deserves Dedicated, Bespoke Legal Expertise

James Murray Solicitors know that every case is uniquely different, so we guarantee to provide you with tailored professionalism and honest advice at all times. With us, you will never be just another number.
Our dedicated team of criminal lawyers will ensure your case is properly and thoroughly prepared, so you’ll be absolutely clear on what to expect when your case goes to court.
We will take careful note of your statement of events, help you find witnesses to support your case and our lawyers will even visit the site of the alleged offence to take photographs if necessary.

We have tremendous contacts, experts and counsel

Additionally, James Murray Solicitors have unrivalled contacts which allow us to provide outstanding counsel, including access to the best expert witnesses and barristers across the country.
Rest assured that our lawyers are very experienced in dealing with high-profile cases and are also well versed in handling the media should your case attract press attention.
To arrange for an initial consultation, simply Contact the dedicated team of James Murray Criminal Solicitors based in Liverpool City centre.

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