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Meet The Team

The team From the outset you will have a large and very experienced team of people handling your case. We believe that James Murray Solicitors has grown to have Merseyside’s largest criminal department. This growth has been based on personal recommendations and known legal expertise.

Jim says, Think about it. People who are in trouble with the courts do not take any notice of adverts. They ask around and rely upon recommendations from their family or friends. It is all reputation; and to have a department as large and as successful as this, we must be doing something right…!”,

Key Players:

Jim Murray

Jim Murray LLM – founder and senior partner

Jim is senior partner and founder of James Murray Solicitors. He is a specialist in criminal law and, like many in the firm, holds the Higher Courts Qualification for Advocacy, meaning, in addition to the Magistrates Courts, he can also appear in the Crown Court. See more about Jim. Jim has a reputation for meticulous preparation of his cases and is a well known figure in the courts.

See more on Jim.

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Paul Fletcher LLB (Hons) – Managing Partner

Paul Fletcher heads up the crime department and qualified as a solicitor in 1998. See Paul talking about his work. A graduate of both Northumbria and Liverpool John Moores Universities, he joined James Murray Solicitors in 1995. Paul holds the Higher Rights Qualification for solicitors and can therefore also represent clients in all Criminal courts. He is also qualified as a Duty Solicitor for Liverpool police stations and courts and is an elected member of the Regional Duty Solicitor Committee. He has been involved in several high profile court actions during his career and is also a senior lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University, where he teaches Crime and Advanced Criminal Studies.

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Mark Ellis LLB (Hons) – Partner

Mark Ellis qualified as a solicitor in 1992 after obtaining a degree from the University of Central Lancashire, Preston. See Mark talking about his work on motoring offences and the services we offer. He holds the Higher Courts Qualification for Advocacy in Criminal Courts and is a Duty Solicitor for the South Sefton area. Mark joined the firm in 2000 and his exceptional ability helped him rise to partner level in 2004. He has scores of successful court outcomes, including matters such as serious drugs, assault and theft-related offences. He also specialises in motoring and driving offences and is a regular contributor to CityTalk radio where he advises and assists the people of Merseyside with their legal queries.

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Steve Charters LLB (hons), solicitor

Steve qualified as a lawyer in 2004 having completed his degree at Liverpool John Moores University. He is an experienced duty solicitor and has worked on several high profile criminal trials including serious drugs cases.


To contact Steve please call 0151 933 3333 or e-mail

Peter Williams BA (hons), solicitor

A graduate of Warwick University, Peter joined the firm in 2003 and qualified as a solicitor in 2005. He is a duty solicitor with extensive experience in criminal cases, but is also a specialist in family law, especially cases involving children.

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Tracy Reynolds, legal executive

Tracy has over 15 years experience in dealing with criminal matters. She regularly deals with drugs conspiracies and other serious criminal matters.Tracy enjoys working in criminal litigation, and regularly works closely with experienced Counsel in the preparation of complex cases. Tracy is someone who has great skill in paying attention to detail and is meticulous in her preparation.

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Ste Stubbs, Paralegal

Ste has special experience in the police stations, at the moment of arrest. He does not tire of telling all who will listen that what happens in the police station determines, on practically every occasion, how the case will run. He is well respected by the local police for fighting the case on behalf of his clients. He does this with a firmness and intervention when the police overstep the mark and clients are pleased to see how he gets his own way when he is representing his clients. So much so is his reputation that on several occasions, police officers have recommended him to their family and friends as a doughty fighter for their rights.

To contact Ste please call 0151 933 3333 or e-mail