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Military Courts-Martial

If you face any offence or alleged infringement of regulations in the Armed Forces, it is important you get proper informed legal advice straightaway.

You need solicitors who understand the Courts Martial System and the effect that an allegation can have on your services furure.

Contact our legal team to discuss.

We use a set of specialist barristers who are ex-forces themselves, like so many of our own lawyers.

Many servicemen and women do not know they have the right to elect trial by Courts-Martial.

More especially, it is not publicised that armed forces personnel appearing before a Courts-Martial have public funding available under the Armed Forces Legal Aid Scheme. Certain conditions do apply but these can be discussed with one of our lawyers.

In addition, similar funding is available for those who appear before the Summary Appeal Court.

Criminal cases normally begin with an interview with Service PoliceOfficers and we will arrange a member of our team to attend and advise you.

You have an absolute right to be represented at a military interview…

Your request for a solicitor cannot be denied

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