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Police Station Advice

At your service 24/7

If you have been arrested and are in police custody James Murray Solicitors understand that you need help fast. We are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our advice is free.  So, there’s no need to cope with your problem alone. Our dedicated police station team is committed to protecting your rights and ensuring you get the best advice, no matter what time of day or night.

At your service 24/7

We aim to reach any Merseyside police station within 45 minutes of your call and can even contact your relatives for you on request. We will also travel to other stations outside the area whenever possible.

At your service 24/7

On many occasions the police, sometimes quite wrongly, try to persuade you that you don’t need a lawyer.

“Oh, you will only be 20 minutes.  What do you need a lawyer for?  You’ll be waiting for ages.  etc ”

And if you have a relative who has declined legal advice, remains in the station and  you are worried, just ring us.

We will contact the police for you.  We can go to the police station at your request anyway, and make the police tell your friend or relative, that we are outside, and you have nominated us to look after their interests.

We can demand the police take in a note to them telling them about why we are outside and they can change their mind and ask for us to look after them.

We have never known the police to refuse us the opportunity to contact a person in custody this way .

Just call our emergency 24 hour arrest hotline on 0151 933 3333