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Neighbour Problems/Injunctions/Unlawful Evictions

At James Murray Solicitors our experts understand the anxiety and fear felt by some people living in communities blighted by anti-social behaviour.
We can advise and assist you in securing alternative accommodation if you wish, or to compel your landlord to take action in respect of your anti-social neighbours. In some severe cases you may be able to pursue an anti-social behaviour injunction against your neighbours, if their behaviour is disrupting your home and family life.

Going to court


We have vast experience in defending people who have been accused of anti-social behaviour, particularly when landlords have, or are in the process of obtaining anti-social behaviour injunctions, or anti-social behaviour orders.

Unlawful Evictions

Landlords must follow a prescribed legal procedure to recover possession of a property, which involves serving a tenant with a notice seeking possession and subsequently obtaining a possession order and thereafter a bailiff’s notice.
Any action taken by landlords to recover possession or to evict tenants from the property without following this legal procedure may be unlawful and you may wish to report it to your local police station.
Landlords can often take steps to make living conditions unbearable, so that ultimately a tenant will move out of the property and we can take steps to prevent this.
You may be able to pursue a claim for compensation against your landlord and, in the worst cases, seek to secure an injunction to compel your landlord to restore you to the property.

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