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Noise Induced Hearing Loss

What is noise induced hearing loss?

Our ability to hear sound can be reduced if the sensitive hair cells are damaged in our ears. This damage can occur if we are exposed to continuous loud sounds over extended periods of time or even a one off exposure to an intense sound.

The traditional noisy environments immediately spring to mind when we consider noise induced hearing loss cases, such as weaving, riveting, and indeed one more closer to home – shipbuilding. Indeed, with shipbuilding it was regarded as an occupational hazard. It is worth mentioning here though that the hearing loss can I flow from simply being in a noisy environment where loud equipment is being operated, you personally do not have had to have used the equipment yourself.

If you were ever employed in manufacturing, printing, engineering and factory where noisy machinery is used you were more than likely exposed to excessive levels of noise.

In the 1960’s the government stepped in and issued guidance to employers about the dangers of hazardous noise. To reinforce the guidelines in 1972 a government publication was issued giving employers guidance as to what were acceptable levels of noise.

Despite the government intervention noise induced hearing loss still affects many thousands of people.

How can we help?

James Murray are a well established practice that specialises in Industrial Diseases. We have a team of specialist solicitors who have successfully represented clients recovering damages for noise induced hearing loss. Our clients are our priority and we always strive to achieve the best outcome for our clients at all times. Our clients receive 100% of their compensation and are not required to pay any legal fees or outlays. Our experience in Industrial Disease means that we have great success in trading down former employers to establish claims with exposure pre-1963 and post 1963. As well as a specialist team of solicitors, we also work with the deaf community in general and have links with the Merseyside Centre for the Deaf and we have a trained British Sign Language interpreter.

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