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Landlord Law

Risks to Landlords

A rented property is a valuable asset. Entrusting this investment to a tenant is a risk. It needs managing efficiently and cost effectively.

Our specialist Landlord and Tenant team at JAMES MURRAY SOLICITORS understand this.

Landlord and Tenant disputes can be complicated and our expert team will offer assistance to navigate you through the legal minefield to ensure that pitfalls and expensive mistakes are avoided.

Fixed fee service

We appreciate that using a solicitor is often avoided at first instance due to fear of large unforeseen costs, we can offer a fixed fee service for most matters and for others provide competitive fees and cap our costs. No nasty legal bills coming out of the blue.

A letter from a solicitor is powerful and persuasive

Experience tells us that Tenants react to a letter from a solicitor more than from their landlord. They know that a seven-day letter is the first stage in serious legal action and the full weight of the law is awaiting them if they do not react properly .

We will ensure you are updated fully by email or phone.