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Tenancy Agreements

Get it right first time

Once a tenancy has been created it cannot be changed without mutual consent and is legally binding on the parties to it, therefore care and attention must be taken in the drafting of these important agreements.

Most private tenancies are Assured Shorthold Agreements, often given initially for six months.

Tenancies have to contain prescribed information or the consequences can be severe, for example, your name and address or those of your agent must be contained in the agreement. If this is not provided the law states that rent is not lawfully due until this information has been supplied to the tenant.

Drafting an agreement can be onerous, and getting it wrong can have serious consequences, leading to delay in recovering possession, lost rental income and increased legal costs.

You need an expert

It is best to avoid recycling an agreement, such as, from the internet or from friends, in place of a tailored bespoke agreement that will deal with the specific details of your property, for example: an inventory, payment of bills, the deposit, pets, use and occupation, insurance, break clauses, cleaning, access and appointing a guarantor, if necessary to protect you from future issues should your tenant default.

Our highly professional and efficient team can help. We offer a competitive package to include advising and assisting, drafting Agreements and Notices.