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Motoring Law

Your licence is important

Think about how pleased you were when you passed your driving test…

…and how now your driving licence is one of the most important documents you have, both for pleasure and for work.

And yet, it is astonishing how easily you can lose that all-important freedom to drive.

(Even more so for new drivers.)

James Murray Solicitors are the law firm to help you keep your licence.

No one will keep you on the road better than the James Murray legal team.

See us if you are facing summonses for:

In court, we will use every persuasive argument available when you:

Don’t ignore a Notice of Intended Prosecution or a Summons, it will not go away.

Act now!

Don’t be shocked by legal bills

We will give you a straightforward quote and so you will know exactly how much it will cost, so,:

  • no nasty lawyer bills at the end!
  • a price affordable to you
  • and easy payments…

One reason why we have gained such a great reputation

Mark Ellis is the partner here who heads our Motoring Law department. He has been with us for over ten years but in a previous life he was a prosecution lawyer with the local Crown Prosecution Service.

Mark gained a huge amount of experience prosecuting motoring offences. You can imagine that during this extensive experience he met every type of motoring defence.

Using that experience James Murray Solicitors, over the years, was able to use the many technical errors Mark knew lurked in many prosecution cases and have them thrown out. We rapidly became Liverpool’s Loophole Lawyers!

Keeping your licence takes a specialist

It may not be obvious to many, but motoring legislation and the hundred of reported cases interpreting the law, are contained in very thick law books and amount to thousands of pages.  As motoring law specialists, we ensure that we are aware of every nook and cranny of this substantial section of the law.

We are not ‘dabblers’ who have to look up unfamiliar law every time a client comes in.

This is important, see for example even the legal definition of a ‘road or other public place’.

It’s not as obvious as you thought, is it?

Moreover, the new Criminal Procedure Rules have been introduced to combat ‘ambush defences’ that gave easy technical defences in the past. Motoring lawyers have had to become a lot smarter….

Fortunately, Magistrates and District Judges presiding in Motoring Courts, have a huge amount of discretion as well as experience, and can tell which cases are worthy and which are spurious…

So, with confidence, we can tell you what evidence is important to  courts – what points they consider crucial - and then, how to present it so it is clear and persuasive.

By doing this, we at James Murray Solicitors have kept up our enviable success rate.

Jim Murray says,

“Look, it’s obvious.

If you want your TV fixed,  which do you want?

An engineer who can read the manual for your set, or

 an engineer, who has been inside a thousand similar televisions as well as knowing the manual inside out…?”

You choose…