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Persuasion is our Business

First, you may need to see the range of motoring offences dealt with by our specialist motoring department.

Now, let us be clear, so much of being a top motoring law specialist is in addition to just knowing the law.

Of course, we believe that no one knows motoring law better than the James Murray motoring law team. The added skills needed to make the difference are knowing:

  • what legal points the decision-makers in the court – the Magistrates – find crucial in their decision making
  • how to put across these points persuasively
  • what actual documentary evidence courts require to support those points
  • what oral evidence courts wish to hear

…in other words, how to ensure that every possible thing that can be done, is done, to bring success.

This is particularly important if you have to give evidence

Lawyers are not allowed actually to coach defendants or witnesses in preparation for an appearance in court.

However, we are allowed to do all we can to reduce anxiety.

Your statement, or that of your witnesses, is called by us lawyers a ‘proof of evidence’ (sorry about the jargon).

We reduce anxiety when we take such ‘proofs’, by gearing every question we ask you in anticipation of:

  • what the court will wish to hear
  • what you are likely to be asked
  • explanations of any  small differences that sometimes appear between your account and your defence witnesses
  • any apparent differences between your account and that of the prosecution witnesses

By doing this, we build your confidence and give you reassurance, and by doing so increase the chances of the court preferring your case.

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