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Private Prosecutions

Not many people are aware that if the police refuse to charge someone for a criminal offence then you have the right to do so.

This happens rarely and so James Murray Solicitors are somewhat unique in having the expertise and the experience of many prosecutions.

We can act for companies and for private individuals as prosecutors and can take the matter before the Magistrates, or all the way to the Crown Court before a judge and jury.

We have a team of highly qualified lawyers who have all the powers of barristers to represent cases through the Crown Court to the Appeal Court and Supreme Court.

A reasonable price

It need not cost a lot of money to initiate a prosecution.

Any convicted defendant is invariably ordered to pay towards the legal costs and if the prosecution is by an individual, the court can order all or most of the costs to be paid by the State, as long as the action is not frivolous – and of course we would always advise you carefully about the prospects of success on this.

Company private prosecutions

If companies do choose to private prosecute instead of (or as well as)a civil court action, they will find this should always produce results that are more effective, and certainly more quicker and (believe it or not), almost certainly  cheaper.

We can advise whether the criminal law can protect a company’s copyright, trademarks and industrial secrets and so forth.  For instance, you may find an ex-employee has taken with them a list of all your clients, customers or contacts.  We can advise on how to use the criminal law to deter these people or anyone who is committing criminal offences and damaging your firm.

Companies cannot claim the costs of the prosecution from the State but these costs should be a taxable expense.

See here for more information.

Individual private prosecutions

We have hundreds of years of combined experience in the criminal courts, advising people on evidence, and how properly to make cases legally persuasive.  If our lawyers cannot bring success then we will warrant that no others would be able to.

Our expertise is founded in an unparalleled reputation as defence lawyers and so we can anticipate all the techniques and tricks which a defendant may try to use – it is always true that “poachers make the best gamekeepers”…

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A bonus

We do not use ex-policemen to take statements and build cases as do other law firms.

All our cases are built up by lawyers, and this is a bonus as it means that they have the experience of actually being in court as advocates and so can continually assess what persuasive facts are needed from the evidence statements of clients and their witnesses to sway an eventual trial court to convict.