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Private Prosecution for Counterfeiting Goods

And it need not be expensive to protect your trademark from counterfeiters.

So often, you find the police or the council Trading Standards Department tell you that you are on your own as there are so many cut-backs or they just do not have the time to take on your case.

And counterfeiting is so widespread – so that Lloyds now offer expensive insurance against the possibility.

This can be so damaging to your business if you have a brand to protect.

Stop the people making money from your copyright – use a Private Prosecution.
And it does not matter how large the outfit who are doing this against you – the threat of being dragged into the defendant’s dock in a criminal court can stop them in their tracks…

And it need not be expensive – in fact, even if the perpetrator person or company is aquitted, they normally cannot obtain costs against you
And isn’t this so unlike the Civil Courts where you can find hundreds of thousands of pounds of legal costs awarded against you for the other side.

Don’t be a victim – see off the racketeers with the threat of a criminal charge, a criminal sentence and a criminal record.

You can even ask for compensation to be paid for by the defendant – and the wonderful thing is that it is a prison sentence if they do not pay up – that’s real enforcement!
And at the very least we can have the counterfeit goods seized when convicted.

We have the long history of one of the biggest defence law firms in the North West – we will bring all those years of expertise into anticipating any defence the counterfeiters may use.

This could be the most effective phone call you will ever make…

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