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HGV and PSV Public Enquiries

The world of operating vehicles that are heavier than a normal domestic car has to be heavily regulated. A failure in the operation of vehicles which carry heavy goods of many tons can have catastrophic consequences on the lives and well-being of innocent pedestrians as well as the driver.

And, similarly, for public service vehicles carrying many passengers, such a failure due to human error or due to mechanical problems causing a road crash can cost many lives and cause life-changing injuries.

Thus, to preserve public safety, Traffic Commissioners have been set up in areas across the country to enforce the licensing and regulating of such operators and drivers of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and public service vehicles (PSVs).

A typical Traffic Commissioner local office is that found in in Golborne near Warrington.

This office supervises the North West heavy goods and passenger industry on half of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency ( DVSA ).

It is responsible for:

  • the annual testing of lorries, buses and trailers through authorised testing facilities and goods vehicle testing stations
  • supervising the MOT scheme so that over 20,000 authorised garages carry out MOT tests to the correct standards
  • supporting the Traffic Commissioners with commercial vehicle licence applications allowing them to carry out their independent regulatory function
  • regulating, licensing and registration of local bus services

They also conduct:

  • post-collision investigations
  • routine and targeted checks on vehicles, drivers and operators checking compliance with road safety regulations and environmental standards

If that was not enough, they are also responsible for checking transport products for manufacturing or design defects, highlighting safety concerns and regulating safety recalls.

They provide a huge amount of proactive activities in providing a range of educational courses and of road safety advice.

While a lot of the business of the office can be dealt with administratively, where there are concerns in an application for a licence or its renewal, or where there has been breach of the regulations, a Public Enquiry can be called for a Traffic Commissioner to examine witnesses and documentary evidence to ensure that the heavy goods or passenger industries are kept to a high standard of vehicle maintenance and level of driving.

So, these Public Enquiries are held in a formal courtroom atmosphere and have great powers to order that a haulage firm or bus firm to stop operating or to take action against a vehicle operator, a bus service operator or any HGV or PSV driver bus, minibus or lorry.

It is in such courtroom atmospheres that James Murray Solicitors, with its well-known courtroom persuasion specialists can bring to bear their huge range of preparation and advocacy skills for clients facing the intimidation of Public Enquiries.

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