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The following is a list of prices for probate work in relation to uncontested matters where all the assets are in the United Kingdom. Where appropriate, there is a breakdown of separate costs for individual pieces of work, for example preparation of tax returns. Similarly, any disbursements involved are also itemised separately.


Obtaining Grant of Probate or the Grant of Letters of Administration only

This means that the Executors or Administrators can then deal with the actual administration of the Estate and which we could obtain a grant for them:-
Costs: £500.00
VAT: £100.00
Total: £600.00


To deal with the entire Estate

To include obtaining the Grant, thereafter collecting in the assets, clearing any liabilities and thereafter distributing to the beneficiaries:-
Band 1 – for Estates with a value up to and including £50,000.00: £1500.00
VAT: £300.00
Total Band 1: £1800.00


Band 2 – for Estates with a value between £50,000.00 and £250,000.00: £2000.00
VAT: £400.00
Total Band 2: £2400.00


Band 3 – for Estates with a value between £250,000.00 and £325,000.00: £2500.00
VAT: £500.00
Total Band 3: £3000.00


Band  4 – All other Estates in excess of £325,000.00, the work will be charged at an hourly rate and we will assess at our first interview the approximate amount of time that we believe the work will take and provide you with an estimated cost including the VAT at that time.  This would depend upon the complexity of the Estate and the number of properties, accounts or shareholdings that may be involved. £TBC


All of the above fixed prices cover Estates where:-


  • There is a valid Will;
  • There is no more than 1 property;
  • There are no more than 6 bank or building society accounts;
  • There are no other intangible assets;
  • There are no disputes between beneficiaries on the division of assets;


Where there is no Will, there will be an additional charge added to the fixed fees in each case which will be £300.00 plus VAT (£360.00)


Where there are any disputes between any beneficiaries, the likelihood is that we would then provide a detailed estimate based on hourly rates according to the work that was necessary and/or may consider referring the client to obtain alternative representation.


There will be disbursements that will need to be paid as part of the Administration of the Estate.  These are paid to third parties.  They may include any of the following, though this is not to be considered an exhaustive list:-


  • Probate Application fee of £155.00;
  • Swearing of the Oath (per Executor/Administrator) – £7.00;
  • Bankruptcy Land Charges Department Searches – £…………….. (per beneficiary) posting in the London Gazette (protect against unexpected claims from unknown creditors)- £98.40;
  • Posting in a local newspaper (again to protect against unexpected claims)£………………


We may need to enlist the assistance of other third parties in connection with the Administration of the Estate, such as obtaining a Valuation from a Chartered Surveyor for a property, for engaging the services of a Conveyancing Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer, to sell or transfer a property.  If these services need to be engaged   we will provide you with estimates of those costs upfront before we refer the work out to the third parties.


In addition to Administrating Estates, our Probate Department also offers the following services:-


Preparing Lasting Power of Attorney, for Health and Welfare or Financial Matters:
Costs: £350.00
VAT: £70.00
Total: £420.00


If two Lasting Power of Attorneys are required, the following fixed fee will apply for both:
Costs: £500.00
VAT: £100.00
Total: £600.00


Will Drafting Costs


Single Will:
Costs: £125.00
VAT: £25.00
Total: £150.00


Mutual Wills:
Costs: £230.00
VAT: £46.00
Total: £276.00